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From our Hershey location we service Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and York counties. Whether you are patching a sidewalk or pouring a driveway, no job is too big or too small.

Through the use of volumetric production we provide 2500-5000 PSI concrete mixed on site. Our standard mix designs consist of ¾” stone, natural concrete sand and Portland cement. We can also add many admixtures and different aggregates to help achieve the mix you desire for a specific job.

  • 2500 – 5000 PSI Concrete
  • Spec Mixes can be made at your request
  • Hot Water
  • Accelerator – Chloride and Non-Chloride
  • Micro Fiber
  • Water Reducers
  • Flowable Fill Mixes
  • Rapid Setting Concrete – 7 day strength within 6 hours
  • Pervious Concrete

We also stock 1B ½” stone, 2B ¾” stone, 2A Modified stone, Concrete Sand, Mason Sand, and Bag Cement Products.

Ask us about the curing compounds and concrete sealers we have available.

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