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Parmer Metered Concrete Inc. is a family owned concrete producer located in Hershey, PA. We specialize in delivering metered concrete, meaning you “Pay For What You Use”. Our state of the art facility, located on Rt. 743, allows us to provide a superior quality mix for you. Call our experienced and friendly staff to answer any questions you may have or to receive a quote.

Founded in 2006 to answer the need for a quality product and dependable customer service, Parmer Metered Concrete Inc. is here to help with your next job or project. Our trucks mix the concrete on site as you need it. The moment you are finished we stop making the concrete and you are then only charged for how much concrete you used. This method of concrete delivery saves money, time and valuable natural resources.

The secret to our success is our facility. All of our materials and trucks are stored 100% inside our building. This means no variation in mix the day after a heavy rain or having to worry about a truck freezing up from sitting outside on a cold winter night. To aid in providing the best possible mix year round, our sand and stone bins are heated using radiant in-floor heating to maintain a constant temperature and help improve set times in the cold winter months.

Our experienced staff are here to answer any questions you may have prior to your order and to provide friendly and helpful service on the job site. Our dedicated drivers are eager to work as a team with you and your crew to complete your pour in the most efficient and timely manner.

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